Combine Your CRM with an Engagement Platform
for the Best Results

“What is the difference between a CRM and an Engagement Platform? Isn’t it redundant to have both?”

This question is very common when we meet customers. Let us explain why the combination of these systems is the strongest solution.

CRM platforms often come with some basic communication feature, such as a chat. At first glance, you might wonder why you also need an Engagement Platform. Can’t the CRM satisfy engagement needs?

In 2019, offering your customers a basic chat is not digital engagement

Let’s define “engagement needs”. Just offering your customers a chat channel is not what we define as modern digital engagement. It’s just another channel, it doesn’t take advantage of visitors’ digital behaviour, customer profiles or the different skills and availability of your organisation.

To make the most of your customers online visits, you need to track and analyse their behaviour to know what the best interaction is for that visitor, at that moment. This is why an Engagement Platform is needed.

Solutions Work Best for Their Designed Purpose

Below is a simple explanation:

A CRM is a “System of records”, it’s meant to handle and process customer data.

An Engagement Platform is an “System of interactions”, it’s meant to monitor customers interactions and behaviour, and support digital meetings in the most efficient way.

Combine Your CRM with an Engagement Platform for the Best Results

Configuring your Engagement Platform to pull data from a CRM in order to enrich the digital customer’s experience is a powerful combination that we recommend. Conversely, the Engagement Platform populates the CRM with customer data.

No CRM solution is focused on the digital meeting 100%. Therefore, a CRM will not be able to support a digital meeting the way a dedicated Engagement Platform can. An Engagement Platform provides advanced interaction tools, such as co-browsing, video chat, shared documents, screen sharing, proactive rule engines (triggers), real-time site visitor monitoring, etc.

Change the Control from IT to Marketing and Customer Support

Changing engagement setups in a CRM often requires the involvement of IT departments resulting in long handling time and missed opportunities.

A separate Engagement Platform is much faster to re-configure so that it reacts to new customers’ behaviour, campaigns or A/B testing and can be handled by marketing or customer support departments.

Sudden market changes or temporary campaigns make it necessary for the marketing or customer support departments to be able to configure triggers and interactions quickly on your website, without IT involvement.

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