44. The channel strategy is often forgotten, what are the consequences

In this week’s pod, we talk about the lack of a channel strategy and what you as a company or organization should consider. The lack of a clear channel strategy often leads to frustrated customers and internal firefighting. In addition to what we talk about in the podcast, here are some things you can take into account when shaping your channel strategy:

  1. Analyze which cases your customer service handles, and which channel (s) are best suited for quickly resolving the case with high quality
  2. Try to identify the customer’s case online and then rout towards the channel that is most efficient for that particular case ie. simple errands for chat, complex can be prepared by a BOT to then become a voice call
  3. What are your overall goals for the business? Increase sales, conversion rate or 1st Contact Resolution? This is also important input to your channel strategy
  4. With a well-developed channel strategy, you can also balance your service levels and avoid shutting down channels in a panic.