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Offer your customers a more personal and engaging digital experience

Our platform improves revenue and customer experience in digital channels by acting on customer behavior, value and journey.

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A ‘Digital First’ Engagement Platform
Live Chat | Chatbots | CRM Integrations | Video | Voice | Messaging | Collaboration tools


Integrate any AI or BOT service in the Vergic engagement flow to act as virtual agents or assist agents in a blended BOT/agent concept.

Messaging & Web chat

Communicate with customer’s trough Web chat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and other leading IM apps.

Digital Voice

Use Webcall, Callback or phone to handle customer interactions. Offer voice in a digital context without forcing customers offline.


Digital Ecosystem

An open platform with APIs and plugins. Tailor your own agent functionality and integrations with external systems. Salesforce AppExchange, TRIO and  CXone ready.

Scheduled Web Meetings

Offer digital meeting calendars and make your Experts available online. Meet authenticated customers in a safe environment.

Digital Customer Journey Orchestration

Master the customer journey. Decide when, where and how to interact.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Enrich the online meeting with assisting tools, screen sharing, video and file sharing.

Workforce Management

Manage your agents skills and availability, case management and efficiency.

Engagement Rule Engine

Segment every site visitor in realtime and take action based on business goals.

Quick Setup and Configuration

Where other solutions takes months to configure, Vergic takes weeks or days.

Cloud Service, On-Premise
or dedicated hosting

Scale your setup with your needs. The Vergic Engage software architecture allows different private environment setups.

Secure Visitor Authentication

Fully identify the customer in a secure channel (Reverse proxy, OpenID Connect, ‘Mobilt bank ID’).

The challenge

Today almost every
customer journey starts online

Companies and organizations have invested heavily digitalizing services for their customers, making it easier to access info, products and self-services. It’s used all the time and from all devises.

Yet, when a customer want’s to interact or is in need of assistance, they are often forced out of their digital context into a traditional channel like phone or email.

The opportunity to help the customer ‘at the moment of need’ in a digital context is then lost and money invested in digital transformation is wasted.


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From IVR centric contact centers
to ‘Digital first’ engagement centers

With help of AI and the digital journey analytic engine, Vergic understands the customers intent when they want to interact but can also predict when a proactive engagement could be helpful.

Based on semantics, availability, service agent skills and cost, the most efficient channel and best skilled agent can then be offered to the customer whit no need of questions like “how can I help you” or “press 1 for x and 7 for Y.

The interaction can be handled by a Bot or a Live agent using chat, video, voice or booked online meetings if that’s more efficient for that request.


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60% of callers started their customer journey
online before the call. 40% is still online during the call.

Why force customers offline?

Master the customer journey

A solution for every phase of the customer life cycle

Our platform is used for Customer service, Lead generation and Sales conversion. Any company or organisation, no matter vertical, can define some sort of customer journey. The Vergic Engage Platform will orchestrate that journey while keeping the customer in a digital context.


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  • Customer service

    Our technology increases agent efficiency, boosts agent sales, improves agent satisfaction and streamlines costs. All whilst enabling world-class customer service. Exciting opportunities await your customer service and care teams.

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  • Marketing

    It’s about engaging with customers, not targeting audiences. Help customers resolve issues. Feel inspired. Find information. It’s a simple add-on to your existing website, too. Exceed customer expectations and marketing goals.

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  • Sales

    The era of online sales engagement is about making timely, relevant offers based on insights into customer interests, behavior and preferences. You identify high-value customers and make personal and relevant offers — all in real time.

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  • Public sector

    The Internet is helping the public sector to move faster while raising expectations of citizens for better support. We help the public sector deliver modern, high-value online services. And be more efficient, cost-effective and accountable

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Increase customer
satisfaction by 20%

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Boost sales
conversion by 50-100%

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Customer issue
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Reduce abandonment
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