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About BOT’s and AI in Vergic Engage

With AI comes “smarter” BOT’s and agent assisting tools that is going to change CX as we know it. But in this early and immature stage of AI/BOTs – what technology should you invest in? Vergic Engage makes this easy for you: We supports AI services from IBM, Microsoft or Google and can also host robots services or allow you to run with your self hosted solutions.

Vergic customers will be able to use BOT’s as human agent replacements using Vergic Engagement technology as base which gives customers vital benefits:

  • BOT support can be offered to the right user at the right point in time based on existing Vergic functionality (rule engine and availability)
  • Vergic Engage reporting will enable comparison of effects between human and AI agents
  • BOT’s will be defined as a agent user in Vergic thus re-using all existing business and routing logic as well as reporting
  • This enables support cases to move from AI/BOT agents to human agents and vice versa
  • Enable your human agent to supervise, improve and intercept AI/BOT conversations

No risk of ‘dead end’ technology investments

The Vergic Engage platform doesn’t put you in a ‘technology corner’. Trough Vergic BOT servecis we support the technology of your choice, keeping the Vergic Engage bas functionality and workflow intact.

If you need to change/evaluate another AI/BOT you don’t have to change Engagement Platform – you just change the AI/BOT! This is a great advantage in this early state of the AI/BOT technologies.

Vergic Engage offers the possibility to utilize a safe and secure environment to apply AI and intelligent Robot services on top of your customer service organisation without the normal risk of annoying and degrading your customer service NPS.

The power of the AI/BOT’s

AI/BOTS technology will boost the Service Agents productivity by assisting in chat with different kinds of dialog support or completely handle transactional chats.

The technology development for AI/BOTS is rapidly improving and the amount of successful business case is increasing every day. Companies using AI/BOTS is experience a steady increase of BOT handled/supported case.

30% of KLMs support cases is handled trough BOT’s with a decrease of 21% in AHT. The amount of BOT chat is increasing by the month / summer 2017

Letting BOTs handle the simple transactional questions will release human qualified recourses that then can focus on the more complex cases overall increase the CX experience and save money.

There are more than 100 vendors of AI solutions on the market today. Wondering how to proceed and what to choose? Contact us for an introductory call!

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