How to integrate AI/BOT in Vergic Engage

Start by using Vergic Engage to analyse visitor behaviour and inject a human or AI/Robot interface at the right point in time and in the right service situations were AI/Robots or humans are in both customer and your best interest. Safely control and measure the outcome to decide what integration is best for you.

Below is a video demonstration how to integrate a virtual agent trough the Vergic Engage plugin Api:

There are three ways to integrate AI/BOT services to Vergic Engage:

1. Banner integration (Front end integration)

2. Virtual agent integration (Back end integration)

3. Agent assisted desktop (Plugin)

1. Banner integration – Front end

The BOT is rendered in a Vergic Engage banner that is controlled by the rule engine to engage with right visitor at the right time. The chat dialog resides inside the banner but can at any time escalate to a live agent if needed.

Banner integrated AI/BOT. The BOT acts as a 1:line support but van easily be escalated to a human if the customer prefer this or the case gets to complicated.

2. Virtual agent integration – Back end

AI/BOT is created as a VEP Virtual Agent and assigned cases by Vergic Engage platform as any other agent. Backend rest service calls to close case, transfer case and log case is called by AI service when processing is complete.

Human agents can transfer to BOTs and vice versa.

Virtual agent integration. The BOT acts as any other service agent.

3. Agent assisted desktop – Plugin

An AI/BOT services is added to the Agents Desktop (Chat tool) as a plugin, assisting the agent in dialogs. A dialog can be transferred between a BOT and Agent and then back again.