Vergic Engage Chat & Chat+

Vergic Chat and Vergic Chat+ are feature rich and scaled down versions of our world leading engagement platform, Vergic Engage Enterprise. Vergic Chat and Chat+ versions now makes large parts of the Vergic Enterprise functionality available at an attractive price point.

The on-line focus for many companies today lies on shortening sales cycles, increasing revenue and drive customer satisfaction. Vergic Chat and Chat+ supports both on-line sales and support in real time, enabling you to interact with your visitors through your choice or mix of channels; text chat, voice as well as video.

Combined with our integrated co-browsing functionality which is also included in the Chat and Chat+ versions this gives you access to the most efficient and collaborative on-line communication tool on the market, Vergic Engage at a very attractive price.

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Key features:

Yes Co-browsing with visual guidance:
an agent assisted function
Yes Co-browsing with form sharing:
an agent assisted function
Yes Chat using text, audio or Video, instant channel switch:
an agent assisted function
Yes Instant Co-browsing with incoming phone calls:
an agent assisted function
Yes Unlimited number of multiple dialogues:
an agent assisted function
Yes Contextual Content list: an automated function
Yes Dynamic answers: an automated function
Yes Web form and surveys: Share data and collaborate on web forms
Yes Vergic Chat plugs directly into your existing website, no installation required
Yes Integrated dialogue box that will behave as an embedded part of your site, no pop-up or pop- out
Yes Easy to use world leading and intuitive desktop interface
Yes Supports all platforms, desktops, mobiles and tablets


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Engage with your customers


Your Visitor experience:

  • Increased Service Level
  • Faster and more efficient processes
  • Easy to find and personalized information
  • Reduced risk of mistakes and frustration


Your Organization experience:

  • Higher agent occupancy
  • Reduced cost per dialogue
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased first contact resolution
  • High potential up-sell