Vergic plugin/API

With the Vergic plugin API you can build your own functionality and tools to leverage your service agents efficiency. Introducing the Vergic plugin concept dramatically effects Vergic customers possibilities to tune Vergic Engage for optimal results.

As a customer to Vergic you don’t have to wait for functionality to be invented by us – you  can add your own features to cover your own business specific needs.

Foreseeing all our customers’ specific need is not possible but allowing customers to enhance the Agents desktop with business specific functionality closes that gap.

Maximize your service agents efficiency

The possibilities are vast but some good examples for agent boosting plugins are:

  • A knowledgebase panel that in real-time listens to the dialog and pull relevant data from a external database
  • Translation panel that recognice language and suggest a translation
  • AI/BOT integration
  • CRM data exchange. Get, display and save customer data from external system

Sample 1: “Knowledge base”- plugin

In the video below you see a “Knowledge base “-plugin sample that “listens” to the different chat dialogs. The plugin then makes real-time lookups in a external database and suggest relevant responses to the service agent. The service agent can then select a response by clicking on it:

Demo of Vergic Engage plugin concept from Vergic on Vimeo.

Sample 2: “Hybrid AI/Human chat”-plugin

This plugin allows a conversation engine/AI/BOT to assist a live agent in a dialog. The plugin can be set to ‘manual’ to just suggest a proper response or to ‘auto’ to work as a fully automated bot.

During the dialog these settings can be changed so that if the dialog is more in a transactional state (standard questions) the BOT can complete the dialog while the Live agent engages in a new chat. The plugin can work with any AI/Bot technology:

Hybrid Human/AI chat demonstration trough Vergic Engage plugin from Vergic on Vimeo.


Using our plugin Api your external web service can communicate with the Agent’s desktop (work tool). If the plugin has a UI it can be displayed to the agent (working tool for service agents.

Trough the Api you get access to some default properties, dialog events and session data that can be used to trigger functionality in your plugin.

For more information about the Vergic Engage plugin concept please contact us.

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