Build or integrate your AI's and BOT's Vergic AI/BOT Services Build or integrate your AI's and BOT's Vergic AI/BOT Services

Empower your AI’s and BOT’s with
a fully equipped and advanced Engagement Platform

Develop and train a AI/BOT is tough. Then you need a state management service and GUI* for it to communicate with your agents and customers. Usually this is where the costs skyrockets. To gain value from start you need a AI/BOT interface to a existing Engagement Platform and Vergic provides one. Your focus should be on building and train your BOT’s while the BOT state services and GUI is our expertise.

If you don’t have a AI/BOT – don’t worry! Vergic has it’s own BOT you can use. Let’s make the best solution together!



Outline: Vergic AI/BOT services allows you to integrate your existing AI/BOT’s OR build new ‘Vergic’ BOT’s. The services offers a interface for your AI/BOT’s to work as agents or a agent supporting tool in our advanced engagement platform and with access to all advanced tools and statistics. The Vergic AI/BOT services also provide a state of the art graphical interface for your AI/BOT to communicate with your customers and service agents.

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We provide a state interface for your AI/BOT’s

Maintaining a communication state is often complex for your AI/BOT services. Is the visitor still present on the page? What meta-data is available? Is the visitor logged in to the web page or not? What pages has the visitor visited before and during a BOT conversation? And what if the state changes during a BOT chat session? Vergic AI/BOT services can fix all this for your AI/BOT and the only thing you’re service need to do is respond to REST calls from the Vergic Engage platform.

Your AI/BOT’s deserves the best tools

The success behind a AI/BOT is training and logic. Many companies specialise in creating AI/BOT’s and make great result in their “development labs”. The next step is to connect the AI/BOT with a engagement tool like Vergic Engage and dress it with a GUI so your users or customers can communicate with it.


From this point you have two options:

1. Build your own AI/BOT interface – not recommended

You will end up with a isolated system separated from the Live agents system. Your customers will not experience the seamless transfer to a Live agent if the BOT fails. You will aslo end up with a endless GUI maintenance for different devices and versions.

Instead – aim to integrate your AI/BOT in a solution with a existing state interface and GUI to avoid redundant workflows and UI/UX maintenance.

2. Integrate your AI/BOT’s in a existing solution – recommended

Integrating your AI/BOT’s in a existing digital engagement platform is often complicated and most platforms have their own BOT technology which limits the integrations possibility and your choice of technology.

That’s why we at Vergic have been focusing on building a BOT state middleware so you can integrate your BOT’s or AI with our platform and with it a state-of-the-art GUI.

This allow you to implement your BOT’s in our engagement solution with all existing functionality, workload management and statisticsOnce your AI/BOT’s is integrated with Vergic it can utilize the same tools and workflows as a Live agent. Your AI/BOT’s can take care of first line support and transactional chats while transfer more complex issues to Live agents when not able to comply.

The AI/BOT’s can use advanced tools from the Vergic Engage platform as:

  • Cobrowsing
  • Hybrid chat: Live agent and BOT collaboration/transfer
  • Share documents
  • Highlight in page
  • Guided workflows
  • Proactive scan and engage
  • Bot analytics in statistics reporting

Vergic AI/BOT services components

Digging deeper in our technology you will find a full set of AI/BOT components that can be used either to build your own BOT’s in Vergic OR to interact with your existing BOT’s:

  • Vergic AI BOT – a configurable BOT that act’s as a Vergic Engage Agent. If you have your own BOT this act as a placeholder for your BOT
  • NLU Classification service
  • NLP Entity Identification service
  • Language Recognition service
  • Sentence Similarity Service
  • NLU Sentiment Analysis Service
  • Reporting services
  • Translation service
  • Enterprise Search service

Please contact us for a full technical brief with our system engineers.


Do what you do best! Focus on the training of your AI/BOT’s and save time and money by using Vergic AI/BOT Services to integrate into Vergic’s existing digital engagement platform with all its benefit and tools.

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