Try Live chat and video combined with co-browsing on your homepage and notice the effect on your business

Vergic just launched the Vergic Engage Chat product suite aimed at small and mid sized customers so that more companies to take benefit from our customer engagement platform Vergic Engage. As part of the launch campaign we therefore invite any company or organisation to use our product Vergic Engage Chat (+video) for free during a evaluation period!

You have never felt so close to your customers. Start interact with your visitor. Chat, co-browse, talk and share video with your visitor.


What do I need to do to start using Vergic Engage Chat

Just fill in the contact form below and we will provide you with a code snippet that you add to your webpage. We help you configure your first setup and you are ready to go.

For a limited period of time we even include video which normally is not part of the Vergic Engage Chat version in the offer.

For free you say? Hmm… What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The only limitation* is that your first setup follow our basic templates with standard design and that you have less than 100.000 visitors/month on your site. If you reach the maximum number of visits we will contact you and ask if you like to upgrade to a paid subscription.

We have learned that offering a standard solution* for free will be an eyeopener for company owners. As you will realise the benefits of customer engagement through chat and see the growth of conversion, your needs will also change and we will be there to help you take the next step.

Take a look around our webpage and get your own opinion about our product:

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*  This campaign offers you to try out the “Vergic Engage Basic” product targeted for small customer service organisation. At any time you can contact Vergic sales to upgrade the product to your preferred paid subscription. The offer includes a standard chat invite banner with default colours, full text and video chat features with a simplified configuration set and a simple out of the box co-browse solution adapted for standard webb pages. Vergic reservs the right to revoke the offer at any time should the software usage violate Vergic terms and conditions. Please also note that the email address provided must match the site name of your web site implementing the Vergic Engage javascript tag. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail addresses and similar is not allowed.